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The Waitlist

In 2024, Metro Metrics (Consulting) is opening up it's own Non Profit, under the dba Front & Center.

This solution - is bringing the same Financial CFO services but to the small nonprofits that do not have the leverage to pay for outsourced leadership.

At Front & Center, our mission is to empower and strengthen fellow nonprofits in their pursuit of positive social impact. We recognize the vital role financial management plays in the success of charitable organizations and are committed to supporting them through strategic initiatives.

Our primary focus is to provide grant dollars to nonprofit entities, enabling them to access Fractional CFO services from Metro Metrics. These specialized financial services are designed to enhance organizational efficiency, fiscal responsibility, and overall sustainability. By offering targeted financial support, we aim to amplify the effectiveness of our partner nonprofits, enabling them to allocate resources more efficiently, navigate financial challenges, and maximize their positive impact on the communities they serve.

By leveraging the expertise of Fractional CFO services, we believe that nonprofits can achieve greater financial transparency, accountability, and long-term viability. Together, we aspire to create a network of empowered nonprofits that are well-equipped to address pressing social issues and contribute to positive societal change.

Join our wait list while we build the relationships with the Cities and Counties in California.

And be on the LOOK OUT for the Grand Opening of Front & Center in 2024!

**Information will be confidential and used only for the purposes of Front & Center to find Small Business Grants, and then alert all organizations that opt-in, of the open RFP (requests for proposals)**

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