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Fractional CFO services deliver transformative impact by optimizing finances, resulting in significant cost savings and increased efficiencies. Through strategic guidance, Your CFO ensures compliance and unlocks opportunities for reliable results.

Strategic Development

Action Plans &
Executive Leadership

Goal Setting &

Succession Planning &
Management Compliance

Your Fractional CFO at a
Fraction of the Cost


Ala Carte Services

Annual Budget & Forecasts

Your CFO will dive into the annual budget planning process with line-by-line allocations that take into account strategic planning, risk management, and performance metrics. They will also work with your team, integrating key employees into this process. The team may go through many feedback cycles and revisions before delivering a finalized budget plan.

Board Retreats/Education

Retreats are a great way to share knowledge with directors and provide them with specific training in areas where gaps have been identified. The range of potential topics for this kind of training is all over the map. Invite Metro Metrics into your agenda for accountability.

Impact Reports (published)

Impact reporting allows organizations to communicate their efforts and progress towards social impact and sustainability goals, meeting the expectations of stakeholders.

Strategic Planning Goals & Metrics

A CFO quantifies operations and helps programs identify untapped opportunities and generating insights that drive strategic business decisions.

Partnering with Your CFO, will help build the SMART goals, focusing on Metrics, these metrics can then be tracked in Monthly Reporting.

Post Award Grant Administration

The post award phase of Grant Administration includes implementing the grant, monitoring expenses, reporting progress, billing, and completing the closeout process.  All tracking, invoicing and regulated backup reports and reciepts will be managed by Your CFO.

Bookkeeping (outsourced)

Metro Metrics has a long list of amazing bookkeepers and CPAs that they partner with. Your CFO will take care of all the Financial Management of your books and bookkeeper then send Financial Statements to you monthly.  Clean books will be ready at year end for your Audit and 990 taxes.

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